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We meet at the Huszár Restaurant, next to Route 71. As an opening we talk about the past of the settlement, its specialities, then we open up the treasure-house. We start the tour at the monumental watermill, where we visit the mill-museum. At the stone bridge garnished with the statue of Saint John of Nepomuk we talk about the value collection and the types of values in it. Passing on, we reach the Pan-spring, then the Saint Imre (Emmerich) church, where we turn to the ancient oak forest. In this forest ambience, between the extraordinary, old trees we discuss the changes of using the land. Later on, at the border of Pécsely we reach the valley of the Örvényesi-Séd creek, which is also part of the value collection. We continue our tour to the Öreg-hegy (Old-hill), where we get acquainted with the world of the grape hill buildings. We talk about the importance of the grape hill landscape, its characteristics and the dangers of overbuilding. We rest a bit in the charming panorama by an authentic, thatched roofed cellar. The tour is camera-friendly, so beside the experiences You can collect photos too! We will see and follow many types of the - in Balaton Uplands typical - wine press houses. After that – leaving the territory of the grape hill with its karst bush forest - we turn back to the village, surrounded by grape fields and well-kept cellar yards, admiring the harmonic picture given by the Tihany Peninsula. We arrive back to our starting point at the cemetery hiding the renovated church ruin and many old shrines.

In the second half of the program we continue with a winetasting in the Huszár Restaurant, where You have the opportunity to try local wines. Beside the wines coming from the neighboring cellars we serve You a unique dish, the Örvényes style roast stew and some garnishing bites as well (upon request we offer You other meal too).