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Our restaurant

The busy route 71 (road of the northern shore) crosses the settlement. Many just pass over this ancient village without taking a glance at it or stopping to see its sights. Although, it’s worth it!

A few meters away from the road You will find the settlement’s most famous monument, the watermill. It was mentioned already in 1211, at the listing of the propeties of the Tihany Abbey. Since then it’s still operating, and is a very important monument of the industrial history, visited by thousands of guests and groups every year.

Seven kms away from Tihany, in the neighborhood of the monumental watermill You will find our restaurant. We are awaiting our Guests in the two banqueting-halls suitable for 40 guests each, to our sunbathing terrace for 30 persons and a covered terrace for 60 persons. From the terrace we can also see our own private and free of charge parking area, roofed bike storage and the playground. The Balaton Cycle Route passes by our restaurant, our Guests can place their bikes in the roofed storage, that is visible from the tables too, while enjoying the services of the restaurant. The 26,2 kilometer stone (which indicates the distance from the starting point of the Balaton Cycle Route in Balatonalmádi) was inaugurated in Örvényes. Our regional and seasonal dishes are following the Hungarian Cuisine, we serve a wide variety of Balaton fish and we follow the international trends too. We accept the cards and vouchers of the Hungarian benefit system. If You have a „Balaton card”, we give You discount. You can pay with creditcards too. The restaurant waits for its hungry and thirsty Guests from March till November.

For our dishes we offer You the typical tasty local wines – among them our own-produced ones. The restaurant is part of the Huszár Vinery. The cellar – based on great family traditions and experiences – has good quality wines for the winelovers each year. Grape varieties: Riesling, Chardonnay, Blue Frankish, Müller-Thurgau, Merlot. Winetasting is possible in the vinery or in the restaurant (120 meters away from the cellar, in the neighborhood of the monumental watermill). The grapes feeding from the fissile sediments of the Pannonian Sea give us round flavours. We gladly offer our wines – they have the flavour & bouquet of the Balaton wines. We are proud of our Riesling, which is the flagship wine of our winebrotherhood, but also of our reduced youngish Müller-Thurgau. By the winetasting we offer the comparison and review of the wines – that will attract a beginner to become a fan as well. In the restaurant we will offer You the perfect dishes for the chosen wine – and we organize exciting programs too. We have a Guest house as well, where the tired guests can take a rest.

For our development we willingly take critiques and opinions.