Our current job offers

Call us if you have any questions, (Mrs Zoltán Huszár, +36203935131) and we are happy to answer all your questions!  

Current open positions:

Our team has assembled for the 2024 season, however, surprises can always happen. Inquire about our contact details, to find out if we have an open position!

We also welcome students for the summer season, by all means 18 over the age of.

Be part of our team, awaits you in 2024 30 annual Huszár restaurant!

Accommodation: 50 meter, more information can be read below.

You can inquire at the email address or by sending the data sheet on the right.  

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    What we offer for work:

    • Demanding accommodation 50 meter: 1 and 2 main rooms, internet, kitchen, lounge, washer-, dryer, iron, two bathrooms, two toilets. Pictures of the accommodation can be found at the bottom of the page.
    • Support for fuel or travel passes for residents in the area.
    • Provision of work clothes.
    • Trainings, team builders, providing the opportunity to learn.
    • All this is modern, familiar, in a homely environment, Whirlingly

    Staff accommodation

    More information by phone: +36203935131 – Mrs Zoltán Huszár, at the store manager or by e-mail
    with a photo CV in Hungarian to

    • career advancement opportunities
    • stable job, with guaranteed payment, priority payment
    • bonus after a well-worked season
    • correct, Dear colleagues
    • team builders in the spring, in Autumn
    • daily maximum even in the highest peak 10,5 hours of work

    Recent team builder

    2023. On June 15, we went up to Aszófő Picnic on the mountain to a place called where we make picnic boxes. We spent a pleasant afternoon with our colleagues, we took the Huszár wineryour grape juice and our 2022 wines, next to it, our chefs prepared a cold dish. We would also like to thank Bea and Ernő for the opportunity! 🙂

    Hussar team 2023.



    Our restaurant 30. starts the season at the end of March this year. Several of our colleagues have been working with us for years, the system is already perfectly formed. We know our limits, we don't want to push them anymore. A family one, we are a more human-centered workplace where we pay attention to that, so that we can come into calm conditions every day. The owners also work with us, they do this from opening to closing. Give us a call (Mrs Zoltán Huszár, +36203935131) and we are happy to answer all your questions!  

    Job requirements

    • specialized qualification –
    • exactingness on his work and himself –
    • reliability –
    • teamwork ability and dexterity

    It is an advantage to fill the position

    • Practice in an a la carte restaurant

    Place of work

    Huszár restaurant 8242, Vorvénies Malom street 4.

    Excellent rating

    Tourist recommendation

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