Bicycle rental in Orvenyes

We provide it with regular checks, that the rental bicycles are always in perfect condition.

Bicycle rental in Orvenyes

With the owner of Bike Extreme in Balatonfüred, We started our business together with Péter Batyki 2019. at the beginning of June.

Not even a week has passed 2018. in the summer, that someone would not have asked about the possibility of renting a bike here, Whirlingly. We recommended rental options in the area, but all of them required a ride in a car. “It can not be true, that the guest has to go from here to that, to rent a bike” – came out of our mouths several times.

There are so many beautiful places and routes in the area, which can be traveled on two wheels, that's how we thought big and realized the Orvényesi Bicycle Rental!

Bicycle rental availability

Huszár Restaurant, Orvenyes, Mill street 4.

Its opening hours are the same as our restaurant, so even from Easter to All Saints, we always have the opportunity to go cycling!

Phone number, request for information: +36205306765
Email sending:

Bicycle rental prices

800 HUF/hour; 4.000 HUF/day; 20.000 HUF/week

In case of delay 5 daily fee after hours, 5 after the day, we charge a weekly fee.

We calculate the hourly rate during opening hours: morning 9 in the evening 9 until.

For your safety and undisturbed sports, we ensure it with regular checks, that the rental bicycles are always in perfect condition.

Prices include VAT and apply to the year 2023.

We draw your attention, that an identity document is required to rent a bicycle!

Online Bicycle rental

You can register your bicycle rental request in advance by filling out the form below.

Please note that we will send you a confirmation email once your reservation has been received and processed. We have a holiday on Tuesdays.

When renting, we always provide our guests with a bicycle in the best possible condition. We provide our guests with one lock for every two bikes. We cannot provide head protection due to hygiene reasons.

Priority periodsban, when more than half of our bikes pre-booked already, then we can only provide a limited number of bicycles.

Therefore receipt of all reservations, then after processing it, we will send a confirmation e-mail.

    The duration of the bicycle rental *

    Attention! Bicycles can only be rented on the day of rental. 9.00 from 12.00 can be recorded for a period of up to. Upon return 9.00 from 21.00 bicycles can be dropped off until. Please take this into account when entering the dates. Correct format: pl.: 16.30 obsession 16,30

    on the day of from

    on the day of until

    Attention! To send the data sheet a * -fields marked under are mandatory!

    In order to filter out spam bots, please enter the result of the puzzle below with a number.

    Our bikes are available for rent:

    (last updated: 2023.06.11.)

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