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From spring- We are waiting for our dear guests until autumn with all-day opening hours.

We opened Huszár Vendéglő in 1994

Whirlingly in the neighborhood of the historic water mill.

All by car, all can be easily reached by bicycle, because the main road 71, which runs along the northern shore of Lake Balaton, passes in front of the restaurant and the cycle path that surrounds Lake Balaton runs directly in front of us. They can park for free, in our own parking lot or you can use the spacious one, our indoor bike storage.

This was our goal when we founded our restaurant, which has already received several awards and recognitions, to create a family-friendly restaurant, where our guests can taste typical Hungarian flavors and the excellent wines of the area, in a traditional setting.

From spring- We are waiting for our dear guests until autumn with all-day opening hours. In the summer, they can refresh themselves on the covered - and sun terraces with humidifiers or in the air-conditioned building, and in the colder months, the tile stove in the center of the interior room provides pleasant warmth.

Our cuisine is basically traditional, serves Hungarian meat and fish dishes, but every year we prepare seasonally- and with a regional offer, which also satisfies more international food offerings. We recommend refreshments or typically tasty local wines, including our own, for our meals.

Until our food, they enjoy our drinks and the environment decorated with flowers, their children can run around on the playground with a good view.

In the summer, we treat you to live music every Wednesday and Saturday, we also provide the opportunity to hold events.

Our guest house has a bike rental for bike lovers and we can also provide accommodation in our guesthouses for those who want to relax..

The Huszár Team always strives for that, so that our guests leave with a good taste in their mouths, that's how we trust him, that you will have a good time with us, if they choose us.

Their ratings, we welcome your opinion on one of the dedicated interfaces or via our contact details.


the Hussar Team

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