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A website complies with domestic and new European Union regulations [on the right to information self-determination and freedom of information2011. year CXII. law, electronic commerce services, and on certain issues of services related to the information society2001. year CVIII. law, also on the protection of natural persons regarding the management of personal data and the free flow of such data, and repealing Regulation 95/46/EC (general data protection regulation) of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) 2016/679 Order (“GDPR”) its provisions].

Legal basis for data management:

2011. year CXII. Act on the right to self-determination of information and freedom of information 5. § (1) paragraph a) Consent of the data subject

Pelissa Gaszt Kft.(in the following: data controller) manages users' personal data in connection with online activities, exclusively a contact person / request form by filling in or sending a newsletter – Within the territory of Hungary.

It only handles such personal data, which is essential for the realization of the purpose of data management, and suitable for achieving the goal. Personal data is processed only to the extent and for the time necessary to achieve the purpose.

The data manager does not release user data to third parties, not used for other marketing purposes.

The data controller protects the personal data of registered users managed on the website in all possible ways.

The address of the data controller:

8242, Vorvénies Malom street 15.Contact information of the data controller:


Consent to data management:

The user at registration, when filling out the form, you expressly give your consent to the processing of your personal data that you have voluntarily provided.

The range of stakeholders: registered users

Scope of managed data: data required to complete the order provided by registered users during registration:Name, Availability (telephone, email), Message, A date

We do not collect children's data and we do not collect sensitive information (sensitive) data about users.

Purpose of data collection: the contacts, responding to requests for proposals, serving user needs

The person of possible data controllers entitled to access the data:

Pelissa Gaszt Kft. managing director: Mrs Zoltán Huszár

The visitor has the right to read the website of the Data Controller, about it by printing, to make a copy by downloading to a data carrier, but only of a personal nature, for personal and non-commercial use.

It is prohibited to sell copies of any part of the website for financial gain, moreover, it is possible to change any part of the website or to another work only with the consent of the owner, for publication, website construction, even electronic, even in printed form.

Apart from what is described here, the Data Controller has no other authority, does not grant any rights to your website.

The website owner reserves the right to do so, that at any time, when deemed necessary, without prior warning, any changes, repair, make changes to your website.

Cookie management (Cookie management)

General description of the cookie

A cookie-t, also known as HTTP cookie, webes cookie-t, or browser cookie, the primary website uses it, to send information to the user's browser, and the browser sends the information back to the primary website. The information may be used to authenticate the user, and the browsing session, the user settings, to identify the contents of the shopping cart, or anything else, which can be done with text data stored on the user's computer.

Data manager does not collect any personal data or data about individuals through cookies. The information collected is a cookie identifier (which is an approx. 20 character long number), and contain a country identifier. This means, that the Data Manager only collects statistical data on groups, but individuals or information, or website activity related to any person cannot be identified in any way.

Personal data is collected exclusively through the forms on the website, when the user actually provides the requested information and sends it to the Data Controller based on separate policies. In this case, the Data Controller always respects and follows the legal regulations and regulations regarding the collection and storage of personal data.

You can also decide, that does not allow the use of cookies (more information in the next section: “How to block and avoid cookies?”). Thus, you remain completely anonymous to the Data Manager and the Google Analytics tool we use.

The information collected with the help of cookies is determined by the Google Analytics system, for example:

  • The date of the current website visit.
  • Has the user visited the website before?, and if yes, when.
  • What website did the user come to the website from? (comment: primary website cookies do not share information between individual websites).
  • IP address, which is used to identify such information, like the country, state, city (this is called IP location – geolocation). The cookie does not collect any data, as a name, e-mail address, other address or billing information.
  • The terms of service of Google Analytics clearly prohibit all Analytics customers from collecting such information, which associate personal data with Google Analytics data.

The information provided by users varies depending on the purpose of each form. We declare, that these forms are prepared in accordance with global and local laws and regulations.

The information collected with the help of cookies is stored by Google. For more information, see Google's privacy policy.

The registered user can make a request to the data controller

  • information about the management of your personal data,
  • correcting your personal data,
  • deletion or blocking of your personal data.

The data controller in the shortest time from the submission of the request, however, at most 10 within days, in an understandable form, provides the information in writing at the request of the registered user. If you find the registered user's request legitimate, then take immediate action to correct or delete your personal data.

If the registered user is not satisfied with the response of the data controller, then you can assert your right to the protection of your personal data before a civil court, and to the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority ( can turn.

A 2011. year CXII. the law on informational self-determination and freedom of information can be read here: National Legal Repository (

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