Huszár Winery

Family tradition and experience

Our winery is based on great family traditions and experience

delights wine lovers with high-quality wines every year.


A 2023. we bottle four types of wine per year:
Italian Riesling, Rieslingszylvani, Chardonnay, Kékfrankos rosé

Our wines can of course be tasted in our restaurant or bought to take away.

Consumed locally: 700 Ft/dl, 3800 HUF/bottle | To go: 2900 HUF/bottle | Cellar price: 1800 Ft/ü.

Places of production

Our Italian Riesling it has a Dörgicse topographical number, Balatonudvari is located at the border of Virágvölgy.

Our Riesling plums Balatonudvari is located in Virágvölgy Blue Frankish along with grapes.

Chardonnay our plantation is on Öreghegy in Aszófő.

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